Grinters Most Common Handicap – Data Facts

Have you ever thought about how your game compares to that of an average golfer? What about how your handicap compares?

As fellow golfers, we know that in order to improve your golf level, you must work to improve your weakest link. At TheGrint we strive to show you the most accurate data for you to easily detect where those areas of improvement are. By complementing your game strengths and working hard you can become a better all around player.

We have looked at the data from millions of rounds of real golfers, to help you answer some of these questions.

Looking at our community of Grinters, we found out that the average handicap is around 14.5 and the most common handicap score is 13. In fact, more than 20% of our golfers are single digit!

Checkout the graph below, zoom in and locate yourself within your handicap to see how you compare.

Congrats if you’re above the average, keep up the good work! But don’t be discouraged if you are below; become a PRO Member so you can improve and keep track of your game through TheGrint’s App Stats Module.We hope you found this information insightful.

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Enjoy your golf!

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