Grints Percentage Per Round By Handicap

As you probably already know, the name TheGrint comes from a game that our founders use to play as kids, in which you would make a point every time you made a Par or Better. And that was called a Grint in that game.

So, when we started TheGrint, we decided to add this unique Performance Stat to our app, because it clearly shows how many holes you played by the book or better. And of course, we named it “Grints Percentage”.

Additionally, when you visit the Stats module, the “Grints Percentage” screen also shows the distribution of Scores to Par (how many birdies, pars, bogeys, etc) per round. This is critical to understand the variability of your performance hole to hole, and your ability to score well consistently.

To help you even more, we analyzed the data of millions of golf rounds to find out the Grints Percentage per round by Handicap level.

Zoom in on the graph below and see for yourself!

Looking at the graph, we can see how better handicap players tend to score a lot more Grints than higher handicap players, reducing the number of bogeys or worse they shoot every game.

If you’re looking to lower your handicap, use the graph to find out what the next level for you would be, and use that as a target the next time you play.

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Enjoy your Golf!

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