Average Golf Handicap by State and Region – Data Facts

In this edition of Data Nuggets, we decided to look at the different handicaps by state and region within our community of golfers. Have you ever thought about how your home state average handicap compares with other states in America? Or even with different age groups?

In order to break down the data, we elaborated two graphs in an effort to picture the answers to these questions. The first one shows the average handicap by state as well as by region and the second one just lays out the handicap performance by age group.

Take a look at the map below and locate your home state; zoom in and compare the average handicap to other states around you or even those located in other regions of the country.

We can definitely spot a difference between states that is even clearer when comparing the average handicap by region. But, why are these changes so noticeable? Can it be due to seasonality?

Go ahead and take a look at the graph below and compare the handicap performance between the different age groups.

What do you see? We might find the answers that we’re looking for in the demographics of those regions. Can the average age of the population affect the average handicap as well?

These are simply assumptions we could make by looking at the data.

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  1. I would think # of rounds played would be a consideration, as this would have something to do with seasonality.

  2. Shayna

    Too bad you only report men’s handicaps…. You know, women play too.

    • Hi Shayna! yes this data includes women. But yes, unfortunately it is a small percent of the data because women represent a small portion of the golfer population. We might want to do a separate analysis with women in the future

  3. Jorge Zubiaga

    I Think that your Numbers are to optimist for young people

  4. Samuel Rizzo

    Even in other country like Brasil , The age x handicap , it so similar .
    Por exemplo i’m 47 yars old , handicap 15

  5. Tony Ramirez

    I assume “attested scores” would lower the average exponentially, assuming the attesters actually played the round with the player! That would also beg the question; the older one gets, honesty becomes more virtuous. But that’s just an assumption also.

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