Average Scoring by Handicap and Hole Par

As golfers, we know that playing a par 3 is radically different than facing a par 5 and even though we may have a slight preference between one or the other, we wanted to see how the different pars affected the scores of Grinters.

In this Data Nugget, we’re analyzing the average score by handicap on pars 3, 4 & 5. How do you compare against similarly skilled Grinters? Find out below!

PAR 3 

Having a look at green right from the tee always gets your heart pumping just a liiiitle faster. One great shot and you’re in for a great score, although there’s also less room for errors. A personal favorite of the team to play “Closest to the Pin”.

Here’s how Grinters of every handicap index have fared on average, in par 3’s:

Interestingly, players with a handicap index of 17 are the first bracket to make, on average, a full stroke over par, getting into bogey territory.

PAR 4 

A good driver and a great iron are what it takes to reach the green. There’s also a bit more wiggle room than the par 3’s without the big distance of a par 5… so this is how Grinters have historically fared in par 4’s according to their handicaps:


On par 4’s, the bogey score happens much sooner than the previous chart: all the way from 17 index to 13 index. This tells us that it is harder to maintain a score closer to par on these holes… will the trend hold for Par 5’s?


It’s time to make that driver count! Most people would think that since par 5’s are the ones with the most distance, golfers would struggle the most on these holes or at least have the first Bogey average score closer to the lower handicaps. Will this hold true?

Contrary to what most people think, the bogey trend (scoring one full stroke above 5) actually falls backward from the previous chart with Grinters of 16 index being the first ones to score a full stroke on average.

How do you compare with your handicap? Are you below or above these different stats?

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Enjoy your golf!

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