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It’s a pretty common thing to do some side bets before starting your round. It makes the game a bit more fun, and bragging rights even sweeter. It also helps to keep things interesting even if personal records are already out of the question thanks to that +4 in hole #5.  Well, today’s article will focus on the golf games you can play in TheGrint App and how to set them up.

Before I jump into the setup process, let’s do a quick explanation of each of the six games available in TheGrint:

1- Medal: The most common way of competing in golf, this game will be won by the player/team with the lowest score at the end of the round.

2- Stableford: When playing Stableford, you get points on each hole according to your score. Each score has an assigned value (for example in the Classic version, an Eagle is worth 5 points, Birdies are worth 2 points, Pars are worth 0 points, Bogeys are -1, and +2 scores or worse are worth -2). The winner will be the player with the most points.

3- Match Best Ball: You play for 1 point on each hole, with the player with the lowest score on the hole, taking the point. Ties do not accumulate. When playing in pairs, each team’s best score is the one that counts. One fun aspect of this game is that even if you shot a 9 on a hole, you can still win.

4- Skins Best Ball: It’s very similar to Match Best Ball with the exception that ties do accumulate. So after a tied hole, that point will be carried over to the next and will go to whoever wins that hole. This game rewards nerves of steel since you can have accumulated ties that will make each hole that comes next, more and more valuable.

5- High & Low: You can only play this game with four players split into two teams. It’s especially fun when you have a foursome with very different handicaps. You’ll be playing for two points on each hole, one for the lowest score on each team, one for the high score on each team. The lowest score on the hole wins a point, the lowest high score wins the other one. Ties do not accumulate and the winner will be the team with the most points.

6- Niner: This is a great game to play between three players. On each hole, there are nine points to play for:  5 points for the hole winner, three points for second place, one point for the loser. Ties are broken up like so: 3-way tie, three points each. Tie on top, 4 points for each, a point for the loser. Tie on the bottom, two points each and five points to the winner.

Now that you have some background on the golf games to play in TheGrint App, let’s get you set up!

1- After you’ve set up your round and added the players like you normally do, tap the GAMES icon located on your score tracker page. This will take you to a screen showing the six games I covered earlier. Choose the one you’ll be playing!

2- After selecting a game, you’ll have four configurations to choose from according to how you want to play.
Handicap: you can choose between NET SCORE and GROSS SCORE
Mode: Choose to play WAR, POT, or PAIRS (Not every mode is available for every type of game)
Points/Players: this will let you decide the value of the front 9, back 9, and Nassau scores.
Format: you can choose to play with USGA format using the best player as scratch and then other players receiving strokes according to the difference between their Course Handicap and the best player’s.  The second option is called MODIFIED  and each player will get strokes as his/her Handicap indicates.

3- Time to win some $$$! After you’ve configured the options that are best for your game, you’re all set.

4- You can track how the game is going at any point by tapping the GAMES icon from your score tracker page.


These are designed to make your round even more fun since you’ll be adding things to play for besides getting your lowest score. The added benefit is that each hole will come with new incentives and can help you stay focused during the course of the round. Without the hassle of calculating everything.

I hope this article will help you to better use our golf app! Is there any game in particular that you wish we would add to the options? Drop them in the comment section!

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Michael Becht

    As far as Mode goes can you explain the difference between WAR and POT?

  2. Ed

    Can you explain the difference between WAR, POT, and PAIRS?

  3. Todd

    Would be nice to have skins that can escalate in value-.50 for 1-6 $1 for 7-12 and 1.5 for 13-18

    Appreciate the app!

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