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Putting is an extremely important part of every golfer’s game (no news here!) and having a clear understanding of your ability to finish the holes will get you a long way on your journey to improve your scores. In today’s article, I’ll walk you through the putting stats section in TheGrint App and what insights you can get by correctly interpreting the data.

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I’ll be showing my personal putting performance so we can analyze the highs, the lows, and everything in between, together. Let’s dig in!

Finding the Putting Stats Section in TheGrint app

From the Homepage, tap on your “STATS” section which will show your Handicap. Swipe left two times and you’ll find the Putting section (which is the third screen of the STATS section). There are three main data points that we’ll cover, and this is what they look like:

1- Average putts %:
The wheel located on the left shows you the total average of putts per round which in my case is 34.5 putts. On the top right, we can see that my target (for my handicap level) would be 33 putts per round, so I’m on the right track. The colors you see on the wheel, visually correspond with the % of the number of putts you make on a round, ranging from zero putts (hole outs) to four putts (oh, the pain!).
Looking at my numbers, we can tell that:
  • 70% of the time, I make two putts after I reach the green. This would translate to almost 13 holes per round.
  • I have a 19% chance of making a one-putt which corresponds to 3.4 holes per round.
  • One three-putt 10% of the time or almost 2 holes per round.
  • A hole out about 1% of my shots which would correspond to 0.2 holes per round.
  • I have done 4-putts around 1% of the time which would be 0.1 holes per round.
2- By GIR
This section shows you the number of putts you make when reaching the Green In Regulation vs the number of non-GIR putts. My numbers indicate that I do an average of 2.2 putts when putting for birdie and 1.9 when scrambling. This makes sense because we can assume that GIR putts are longer than non-GIR putts.
3- Putting per round
This section shows the total number of putts you’ve done over the last 20 rounds. Usually, the lower scores tend to have the lowest # of putts. You can also see the trend of your putting game and see if it’s improving, staying the same, or getting worse. In this case, we can tell that I’ve been somewhat consistent over the last rounds.

BONUS: There’s a way you can compare you’re putting game against your friends to see how you stack up. To do this, tap on the CAREER icon in the lower part of your screen and go to RANKING. Here, you’ll see where you stand among your Grinter friends.


I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough of the Putting Stats Section in TheGrint App. Hopefully, you’re a little better than me at getting it in the hole!

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Alain N Parcan

    I can’t figure out how to get the Stats for Putts Make % to work. Do I need to do anything specific to track that?

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