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New Streak Golf Stats on Website

Some of you might have notice the New Stat Graph we recently added on the Website but for those who don’t know about it, here it is…

The New Streak Golf  Stats

It is a pretty cool new stat we added; it tracks 6 Streaks you can do on a Round of Golf:

Grints (Par or Better), FIR, GIR, DB Free, 3-Putt Free, Par Save Putts.

It’s pretty straight forward and like the Graph says, you need at minimum of 2 in a row (of whatever Stat you are looking at) in order to show on the Graph.

You can Filter the Stats by amount of Rounds (Last 20, 10 best “Used for Handicap”, last 10, last 5, All Scores or Custom by Date). The other Filters are By Course, 9-hole Rounds or 18-hole Rounds and by Tee Box.

Our favorite Graph is the one for “Par Save Putts Streak”, which shows how many 1 or none Putts Saves you made (in a row of course) in order to make Par… Check it out below, filtered by “10 Best (used for Handicap)”.

Like this Graph, we are always adding and giving our Grinters as much information as possible about their Game.

With all of this information, you can certainly learn much more about your Golf Game and work on improving your weaknesses.

If you can think of a Graph you would like us to Add, feel free to Comment below or send us an e-mail to  We are always listening to suggestions.

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