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In our latest redesign of the Score Tracker, we added a little something to help you manage your time a little better: a Pace of Play clock in TheGrint that tracks the time of your round. You can use this in the future when trying to squeeze a round in before your niece’s birthday and avoid getting into too much trouble.

The pace of play clock in TheGrint will start when you finish setting up your round and start at the 1st hole. It will stop when you input the last score at the 18th hole. When submitting your round, you’ll see the total time of the front 9, back 9, and the total time of your round as well as the average time per hole. It will look like this:




If you don’t want to feel stressed out, or if the course is particularly slow and there’s not much you can do about it (it happens!) you can always hide it simply by tapping the clock icon on your score tracker screen.

The common wisdom is that 4-4.5 hours is the normal time it should take to finish the round for a foursome.

Important note: 1) Make sure you start your round after you tee off, and 2) Don’t forget to input your final score at the 18th hole timely, instead of after you’ve had a couple of beers at the clubhouse… although technically the round is still going right?

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. John donovan

    Please add a pause feature to pace of play. When setting up feature early it is not accurate. Rain delays also cause trouble.

  2. Danny S

    Is there a way to look at pace-of-play stats for a past round? Like to go see how long a course took you last time you played it?

  3. Alain N Parcan

    I’d love to see average pace of play on a course by course basis, when deciding where to play.

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