Golf Scorephotos in TheGrint App

The team is extremely excited about a new feature that will help make your rounds, even more memorable by adding a personal touch to your final score. Today I’ll be walking you through the new feature: Scorephotos in TheGrint app.

What are the Scorephotos in TheGrint app all about?

This new feature will let you personalize a finished scorecard by adding a photo of that day as a background. So instead of just having your names and the green circles/badges, you’ll get to post an awesome picture that will capture your back-to-back birdies AND your brand new outfit from that day.

How can you create Scorephotos in TheGrint app?

The feature is available for both old and just-finished scorecards.

For a new scorecard, when you’re submitting the final score, a prompt will appear asking you if you’d like to create a Scorephoto of the round (you can do this using your camera or uploading a picture you took earlier in the day). After you choose the picture, the app will set it as the background, showing the individual scores as well. Here’s how it looks like:


For an old scorecard, simply go to the Scorecards section, select a round and tap “create scorephoto”. You’ll be prompted to upload a picture from your phone and voil√°! You now have a better memento of the day you shot your personal best.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to convert an old scorecard into a scorephoto:



There are quite a few options you can choose for which scores you’d like reflected. For example, you can create a Scorephoto of a foursome with individual scores, create a Scorephoto of a leaderboard, or you can create a game-focused Scorephoto to highlight the winner of the game modality you played that day (Net, Handicap, Medal, War, Best Ball, etc).¬†

One of the reasons the team created this feature was so you could have a ready-to-share picture of your round that tells the complete story. So go ahead and share it on the ‘gram and give us a shout so we can reshare it as well!

WARNING: on some occasions, a friend may ask you not to share it because a) the wife didn’t know he was playing or b) he shot 5 triple bogeys. In both cases, I recommend asking for a dozen brand new golf balls in exchange for your silence (and even then, if you wait for a couple of weeks before posting it, you should be fine)

I hope you give this exciting new feature a try and start creating awesome memories with your golfing friends that you can use for a little trash talk in the years to come.

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Terry Kim

    Hi Luis,
    I’ve tried quite many golf GPS apps and the Grint is by far the best one so far.
    I’d like to ask you some questions about this feature.
    1. Why this only applies to the mobile app only and doesn’t appear on my browser version?
    2. Are there any way for me to download the converted scorephoto or share it on the other websites(or social apps)?

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