TheGrint App Update: Pro+ Membership

For this release, we’re excited to launch some major improvements to your TheGrint app experience. Take a look at the new Pro+ Membership features below that are sure to put a smile on your face as you’re walking down the fairway.

Green Maps:

The Green Maps will help Grinters see green slopes even when they are not on the green. This will allow them to find better (intended) landing spots for approach shots, and even read putts better. Using the colors to display the severity of the slopes the green maps are a great tool to visualize green contours. As of today, we have over 9,000 courses with Green Maps, and we continue to map more every day. 

New Insights Module:

1-Performance: This is probably the most useful tool to quickly understand every area of your game. The Performance Strength graph is divided into primary and secondary stats. This tool will help you visualize your strengths and weaknesses. The Individual Stats Handicap shows you each stat independently and the resulting Handicap of every stat.

2- Game Planner: This is a tool to provide players with more performance insights based on their tee shot club selection. It is very useful for planning what club to hit on every hole from the tee box. The Grints % by Tee Club Selection will help you identify your end result based on the club you selected to play the hole. The GIR% by Tee Club Selection allows you to see the impact of being further from the green, which means a more difficult approach to shot. It also focuses on ball striking by removing putting from the equation. 

3- Match Play Tool: This feature leverages a concept we developed called Match Play Index, which aims to quantify a player’s ability in match play format. Players should expect the Match Play Index to be negative as it is very difficult to beat the golf course. If your number is positive, start betting against your friends because the odds are on your side. 


Multi-Games update:

It’s a pretty common thing to play side games during your round. It makes Golf a bit more fun. Well, with the Pro+ Membership you’ll be able to play as many games as you want simultaneously. It will even tally up the totals for all the games, so you know who owes who and how much at the end of the round. 



Check here our Golf games to play in TheGrint App!

Remember to update your membership to be able to enjoy the features we focused our efforts on 😄. Enjoy your golf!

If you have questions or think we can make an improvement for these new features, don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments section below! 



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