How to Set Up a Leaderboard in TheGrint App

Hello Grinters! Today I’ll teach you how to set up a leaderboard in TheGrint App.

Most of the time, we play with our regular foursome or with a friend but sometimes the stars align and that weekend tee time you had turned out to be incredibly popular. Suddenly, you have two or three foursomes going out back to back so it’s only natural that a little friendly competition starts. But don’t worry, we got it covered!

What is a Leaderboard and when do you use it?

The main function of a leaderboard is to offer you a way to compete with other players that are not in your foursome, in real-time. You’ll be able to see everyone’s scores as they’re happening and this way you can strategize better since it’s not the same needing a Birdie on the 18th to win or securing the victory with a Bogey.

The leaderboard does this by constantly updating scorecards data in the cloud, so everyone gets real-time access to the score of every player after each hole. Using that info, the players are then ranked based on whatever game format you chose (Medal, Stableford, etc).

How to set up a leaderboard in TheGrint App
  1. In the Home Screen, tap the PLAY button to start a round as you’d normally do.
  2. In the Play pop up you will see an option at the bottom that says “JOIN/CREATE A LEADERBOARD”. Tap it!
  3. Then you will get the option to CREATE a new leaderboard or JOIN an existing one. Tap the CREATE option and choose whether you’ll be competing individually, by teams, or in a Ryder Cup format. Choose whichever format you’ll play.
  4. Once you select your format, you’ll need to name your new leaderboard and set up a password that other members will need to put in order to join. Once you do this, your leaderboard is live! Make sure you tap JOIN LEADERBOARD so you’ll be actually in it.

To make it work, keep in mind that one person per foursome will be in charge of tracking the scores of their group and they need to be Grinters in order to do this. You can still add any non-Grinters to each scorecard (I covered how to do this, here) but set up the foursomes so you’ll have at least one Grinter in every group.

Now that you have your leaderboard live, here are a couple of options that your friends can use to join:
  1. Sharing a link: After you create the leaderboard an option will appear to share the link to it. Simply copy it and send it in a message to each player.
  2. Join from the PLAY setup: after a Grinter taps the PLAY button, instead of creating a leaderboard they’ll tap on JOIN A LEADERBOARD. The app will show them any live leaderboards in the course (yours should appear right at the top) and prompt them to put the password. Once they’ve done this, they’re IN!
  3. Non-Grinter friends: you can add them to the leaderboard using their email address and setting up their handicap. They won’t be able to input their scores but any Grinters can do it for them on the scorecard and anyone will be able to see them.

Once every player has a score on at least one hole, you’ll be able to see the standings on the score tracker page by tapping the LEADERS icon at the bottom.

Also, do not miss out the fact that there are tons of filters that you can use during the round to see the leaders by net score or gross score, medal or stableford, and skins. You can even filter by flights if you have it set up.

That’s pretty much it! The last thing to mention is that we added Live Leaderboard Results to your activity feed! If you or any of your friends play in a live leaderboard, you’ll be able to see the results including the top 5 finishers, the finishing position of your friend, and a link to check out the full detailed leaderboard.

Keep Grinting and Hit’em Straight!
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  1. Keith Randall

    How do you create a leaderboard with multiple foursomes? I am trying to create a 2 man best ball team format tournament with 6 foursomes but as soon as I add 4 players it doesn’t allow me to add more players/foursomes or even arrange the foursome in the appropriate teams.

  2. Kirk Davis

    I love this app, but the leaderboard is a little confusing. We use the leaderboard for our outings and we are all grinters. It would be so much better if each player could enter their own score. The last time we played, I kept the score and it submitted two scores for myself after the round. Please make the leaderboard feature easier to use.

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