Set up your own Ryder Cup on TheGrint in less than 5 minutes

We built the Ryder Cup Mode because we wanted a feature we could use for ourselves…. But also because we heard from many Grinters that they needed a tool to facilitate their competitions all around the world!

Follow the steps below to learn how to set up a Ryder Cup in less than 5 minutes on TheGrint.

Setting up the competition:

    1. Click the “”Play” button on the home page and select “Play on a leaderboard”
    2. Click on “Create” to make a new leaderboard
    3. You’ll see 3 options (Individual, teams, and Ryder)… Click on Ryder
    4. Enter the competition information
    5. Click “Create” to create your competition

Setting up individual sessions:

    1. You can create up to 8 Sessions
      1. One session is a combination of two things: a course and a playing format
      2. All players/matches that you want to play in those settings should use the same session
      3. The formats and setup can be made to replicate the iconic Ryder Cup of the US vs. Europe if desired
    2. You’ll input the following info for each session:
      • Start and end date
      • Course
      • Tees
      • Type of match (alt shot, best ball, etc)
    3. Sessions will appear in order on the main competition page once created

What to do on Match Day

    1. Join the Ryder Cup
      • When it is time to play, every player must first join the Ryder Cup leaderboard
      • Then the player must join the appropriate session for that day
      • NOTE: the organizer doesn’t have to add players. If a player has the Password, that is all he needs to join the Ryder Cup and play with his foursome.
    2. Choose Team
      • Select a session and add your playing partner
      • Double check that you’ve joined the right session and you’re on the right team
    3. Playing Time
      • Track your round as normal on TheGrint – we’ll do the math in the background
      • Tap “Ryder Cup” on the score tracking screen to check out the full leaderboard
    4. Completing a match
      • If you win the Match early (say you go 3&2 on hole 16), but your Foursome or other players want to finish playing the 18 Holes, just tap on End Match & Keep Tracking
      • If the round is completely over, tap on End Match & Exit


Follow the action when you’re done

    1. Once your session is finished, you can go back into the Ryder cup leaderboard and join as an observer to check out the other sessions going on
    2. After the Players and Matches are done, you will see the Ryder Cup Summary where you can see every Match played and how the Points were decided
    3. Make sure you settle any other Games you had with your Playing Partners and give the Course a Review after you end your Round
    4. If you want to check out the Ryder Cup Summary again after you submitted the Round, just go to the “Leaderboards” Option on the Stats feature on the App. Tap on the Ryder Cup and you will get the Summary.


Why do I need to give names to the teams?

    • You don’t have to, but it’s more fun if you do.

How do teams compete in Ryder Mode?

    • This mode is defined following the same format played in the famous Ryder Cup competition in which USA top players compete versus European top players every two years.
    • Every team can earn points by winning matches – Matches are played individually or in teams.
    • When a match is won the winning team earns 1 point. When a match is tied each team earns ½ a point.

How do I set up each match?

    • The organizer only sets the competition and sessions. Then he/she must provide the name and password to the players.
    • Before each match, whoever is keeping score will set the match by joining the Ryder competition using the Live Leaderboard’s “Join” button.
    • Add Players and adjust Handicaps if needed
    • The organizer will have admin abilities to manage the competition.

How are handicaps calculated?

    • Default Team Handicaps will be determined based on the selected Competition Format. You CAN manually edit team handicaps as needed in the player selection screen.

How are handicap calculations change based on different competition formats?

    • For Medal or Four- Ball (Best Ball)
        • Each player will play with their own course Handicap
    • For Foursomes (Alternate)
        • The default team Handicap is determined by averaging the handicaps.
    • Scramble:
      • The default Team Handicap is determined using the following for 2-Man Teams:
        • The sum of 35% Handicap of Player A (lowest Hdcp) and 15% Handicap of Player B

What is USGA® Format?

    • Selected by default, under this format the best player plays as scratch, the other players receive the full difference between their Course Handicap and the Course Handicap of the best player.
    • If your course handicap is 5, and the best player of the group has a course handicap of 2 then you get 1 stroke in each of the three most difficult holes.

What is Modified Format?

    • If you select this format, every player will get as many Strokes as his/her Course Handicap indicates
    • If your Course Handicap is 5, you will get 5 strokes in the 5 most difficult holes, regardless of who you are playing against.
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