GIR by Handicap – Golf Greens In Regulation Target

Have you ever wondered what your GIR% target should be? Is 30% good or bad? Well… it really depends. We can answer that question!

We looked at our database of millions of golf scores and calculated the average Greens In Regulation percentage for every Handicap level from 0 to 36.

Check the graph below. And compare it with your data in TheGrint. If your average is below the one for your Handicap then this is a Weakness. If it is above it is a Strength.

The key to improve your Handicap is to identify the areas that, if improved, would take you the next Handicap Level. TheGrint’s App Stats module helps you easily identify targets for all major stats, and therefore find your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Enjoy your golf!


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  1. el hosel

    What’s the best way to enter scores under scenario where GIR is not possible for the hole (ie penalty off the tee)?

  2. Marty

    It would be nice to correlate FIR with GIR and by handicap. Would show how much being in the fairway off the tee impacts your GIR.

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