Average # of Putts per Round by Handicap

Putting is without a doubt one of the most important factors of the game. Is the final stroke, the culmination. There are few things that compare to a well-sunk putt and we know the heartbreak of a missed 3-footer all too well… thinking about this key factor of the game we wanted to see the average putts per round that Golfers of different Handicap have. To do this we analyzed data from millions of golf rounds and broke it down for you.

We focused on the Average Number of Putts per Round (18 holes), and complemented it with GIR Putts, and Non-GIR Putts to add a little more context.

Take a look at the graph below and find your handicap in order to see the average stats for your golf level. This will help you set a comparison point and see where you fall amongst players of your level but also, it will help give you an idea of what you should be aiming for if you want to improve.

NOTE: the lines (GIR-Putts and NonGIR-Putts are measured with the axis on the right hand side)

Notice that, on average, golfers get more strokes for GIR putting than for Non-GIR putting. Is it the nerves of a possible birdie? Not really! It’s because when reaching a Green in Regulation, golfers tend to land farther away from the hole so they’re typically facing a longer (and more difficult) putt.

In fact, Non-GIR putts are a great indication of your short game ability around the green. Why? The closer you leave your approach to the hole, the shorter (and easier) the putt which typically represents fewer strokes.

Crossmatching your data in your TheGrint profile and comparing it to this graph should help you understand if putting is a strength or a weakness in your game. By using TheGrint’s App Stats Module, you can easily keep track of your putting and short game, and identify opportunities to save some strokes and improve your game.

Enjoy your Golf!

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  1. Brett

    I need FEET OF PUTTS made per handicap (please).

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