What If Score Analysis by Handicap Bracket – What’s Your Target?

Most golfers finish their round and think: “What if I had not missed that shot?”. And while we know it is irrelevant, at the end we all care about that.

We can agree that all golfers no matter their handicap, suffer the consequences of penalties. But you can’t just think that you will eliminate penalties from your game. So, What is normal? What are the average penalties by handicap? What should you strive for?

That’s why, by using the millions of golf rounds uploaded to TheGrint, we analyzed the penalties data of fellow Grinters and classified it by handicap bracket.

In the graph below, you’ll find the  “What if Score” metric. This metric basically represents your average score, minus your average penalties. It shows the impact of penalties your scores and ultimately, your handicap.

Zoom in and take a look!

Did you expect a bigger difference between low and high handicap players? Only 4 penalty strokes difference (2-6) between a scratch golfer and a 36. How would you interpret this?  Feel free to drop us a comment!

Make sure to check out your own “What If Score” analysis on your App Stats Module. And if you’re not yet a   PRO Member, we invite you to try our membership in order to enjoy this and many more detailed personalized stats of your game!

Enjoy your golf!

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