Improve Your Game: How TheGrint Targets Work

If you’re like most golfers, you’re on a lifelong journey to improve your game and one of the most common things you might have done is compare yourself against the best player on your regular foursome or with the guys that play on TV.

While it’s always good to watch and learn from better players, the gap in skill might be too big to get clear pointers on what you should improve next.

This is why we created TARGETS: a key tool on TheGrint that will help you improve your game. It works by comparing your stats to players with the same handicap index which can help you set actionable goals to improve your game, one stroke at a time.

Let’s say your handicap index is 14.2… instead of comparing yourself with Jordan Spieth, you should be aiming to lower your index to 13.0, and then to 12.0 right? TheGrint generates the targets you need to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game and get to the next level.

To create these targets we analyzed millions of golf rounds and got the average performance for a bunch of stats for every handicap. That way we know that for a 6.9 Index player, the average fairway accuracy performance should be around 54.8%. If it’s above that, that’s a strength. If it’s below, then it is a weakness.

Since we have these targets for a ton of different performance indicators, it’s now relatively easy for us to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your game.  This way, you can focus on the parts of your game that really matter.

Here is an example from a player on our team: Bob Grinter

Bob has a 6.9 index, and as you can see, he tends to be fairly accurate when it comes to his driver hitting just over 59% of fairways. On the top right part of each screen, you can see the “TARGET” indicator displaying that his Fairway Accuracy Target is 54.8%. This shows he’s pretty good compared to his index peers, so he shouldn’t focus too much on improving his Driving Accuracy.

However, when you look at his GIR% you can clearly see that his 37% GIR is way below his target of 41.0%. You can also see that his GIR% is poor on all types of holes (Par 3,4,5).

Since he has a pretty good FIR%, you can fairly assume that he needs to focus on improving his approach game to improve his GIR%. And by looking at all the other TheGrint stats you can quickly confirm it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the targets displayed are dynamic. Meaning that they continually adjust as your Index changes.

We believe this is our MOST USEFUL FEATURE  TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME. Taking the time to analyze your game with this functionality will help you get better by giving you straight facts supported by robust data on what you need to improve. So if you’re looking for clues as to what you should work on next time you hit the range, these Targets should be a very good place to start.

The Target feature is only available for PRO Members. Get yours for just $39.99/yr

Enjoy your Golf!

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  1. Ty

    Would be awesome if this was a editable field (ie a target index). Yeah I’m a 10 now – but what do the stats look like for a 7 or an 8?

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