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What are Combined Scores in TheGrint? Does my 9-hole round count towards my handicap? To answer this very common question, I’ll walk you through the process behind the Combined Scores in the World Handicap System, following USGA standards.

First things first: What is a Combined Score? 

As the name suggests, a combined score is the combination of two 9-hole rounds into a single scorecard of 18 holes. Every two 9-hole scores you upload to your TheGrint account is transformed by the USGA into an 18-hole scorecard, automatically and will be shown as Combined (C). (as long as you are not uploading those rounds as practice rounds).

This is a relatively new thing because, before the World Handicap Launch in 2020, the USGA would give you two Handicaps, one 9-hole handicap (N) and one 18-hole handicap.

How it works

Every time you play a 9-hole round, you’ll have what de USGA refers to as a “widow” score. This will not affect your handicap in any way (at least not yet!). When you play 9 holes again, the score will be paired automatically with the outstanding 9-hole score you had, transforming it into an 18-hole round that will count towards your handicap.

If the 9-hole scores happened in different courses, the USGA will take each individual course rating and slope into account when establishing your handicap.

Note: this is automatically done by the USGA in their servers, in accordance with the official rules of Handicapping currently in place. 

Is there a time window for which two 9-hole scores can be combined? 

Yes. The outstanding “widow” score will automatically pair with your most recent 9-hole score as long as it happens within your last 20 rounds.

Editing Combined Scores

Within TheGrint, you can’t delete combined scores.  However, if there is a mistake with one of the 9-holes used on the Combined Score, the 9-hole Score itself is the one that can be edited or it can be deleted. If you delete one of the 9-holes in a combination, it will be in both TheGrint and the USGA and the “widow” score is now alone. Also, if there’s one 9-hole score waiting for a match they will be automatically matched. If there isn’t one pending, then the widow score stays as pending waiting for the next 9-hole score to combine.

Hope this helps clarify Combined Scores. Comment below if you have thoughts or questions. I’ll be reading your comments!

As always, enjoy your golf!

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  1. Rick G.

    It may go without saying, but the widow 9 hole score would drop off after 20, 18 hole rounds have been played if the 9 hole widow score has not had another 9 hole score to combine.

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