Edited and Deleted Scores: Why Mark Them?

If you ever edited or deleted a score in TheGrint, you might wonder why we mark them the way we do. The short answer is trust: we want to make sure golfers would only edit or delete scores if it is an honest mistake instead of trying to manipulate their handicap index before tournaments or betting rounds… and we’ve found out that a little peer pressure helps to prevent that. Because no matter how old the score you’re editing, it will appear at the top of your friend’s feed.

So, if you really need it and made a mistake of course you can edit/delete a score.  However, we have to prevent sandbaggers or fake braggers (like your friend Paul who shot a personal best of 74 while golfing alone) from using that tool the wrong way.

Since it would be very easy for someone to cheat and produce a higher handicap by editing old scores making them higher, we mark and re-post edited or deleted scores to make everyone aware of it. If the change was required and true to the facts, no one would complain. If it’s an outrageous change, you’ll probably get some heat from your golf buddies!

We trust that golf is a game of gentlemen and values but the less we put that to the test that, the better so we try and remove any temptations for you.

This is how a post would look if when a Grinter edits or deletes a score:


Even if you edit a very old score, once you edit it, it will create a post like this and show at the top of all your friend’s Activity Feed.

NOTE: Changes are only posted if the Scoring Data changes. The EDITED or DELETED mark will NOT appear if you only change information not related to the handicap formula like your number of putts or tee accuracy.

Why do we care what scores our Grinters upload? Well, golf’s handicap system relies entirely on honesty so we try our best to create incentives and visibility to keep everyone accountable.

Steer clear of sandbaggers and enjoy your Golf!

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  1. Lee

    I entered a round at an incorrect course. Can I delete that round and enter it again with the proper course?

  2. Steve Meach

    I guess I get the idea of manipulating scores by editing or deleting but if you are really trying to manipulate your handicap you could easily do it when you enter it. I posted some old rounds when I first started with the app just to see how it worked. I did not have details of the rounds so I later deleted them. Why keep them after you have posted 20 more rounds? Seeing them every time I use the app is irritating. It adds no value

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