Managing your groups and leagues is easier on TheGrint

Did you know that you can use TheGrint to create and manage your golf groups and events?

There are many uses for the Groups feature. 3 common scenarios where it is especially helpful:

    1. For the ringleaders – coordinate your rounds in advance
    2. For discovery – find new playing partners
    3. For events – create and manage larger group outings

This article will explain each of the above scenarios. Then it will teach you how to:

    • Create a group
    • Add a leaderboard to the group
    • Join a group
    • Join a leaderboard on the day of play

Do this in advance of your round to save the headache of wrangling everyone together on the first tee. Get to hole 1, press “Start Round”, and you’re off to the races.

1) For the ringleaders who manage a weekly game

Are you the ringleader? Aka the one that sets up the weekend tee times for your group and does all the dirty work behind the scenes to get your group onto the course? There are many common game types played by golf groups. We looked at some of the ways Grinters are using the Groups feature, and here are some of our favorites:

    • Saturday Morning Stableford game
      • ~20 players every Saturday at the same course
      • Also includes a Skins game running in parallel
    • Sunday afternoon best ball game
      • Usually just 2-3 foursomes on Sundays
      • Often playing at a different course each week
    • Wednesday night skins game
      • ~30 players in a weekly league at a private club
      • Not all league members are Grinters
      • The ones that are fire up a Skins game in the background

These are just a few of our favorite examples, but there are ENDLESS ways people are using groups.

But what makes the groups feature so important for the Ringleader?

You can create a group on TheGrint and share the link in your group’s text chat, Whatsapp, email list, wherever – use this to confirm who’s in or out. Also, the group you create can be as big as you want; whether you have one tee time for 4 players, or maybe your league has all the tee times in a row for an hour or two and you want to organize a side game and track it all on TheGrint.

Once you get in this habit, it will become second nature for your playing partners. And it makes your job easier as the ringleader, having it all in one place.

After you’ve created the Group, this is where you find the add leaderboard button. Make sure to add a leaderboard to your group – more details on the setup included later in this article.

2) If you’re looking for playing partners

Tired of playing alone? Use TheGrint to discover playing partners in 2 cool ways.

If you have a tee time booked and need some players:

    • Create a new group, and input the number of available slots on the tee time
    • Make the group public
      • This will be shown in the activity feed to your friends
      • It will also be shown in the “Discover” tab of the groups section

If you’re looking for a tee time or for new playing partners:

    • Open the groups feature
    • Click on the “Discover” tab to see groups available to join
    • Join the group, or message the host for more details

You can message these hosts even if you are not “Friends” on TheGrint. This is because the group owner has made his group “Public” and is open to everyone (more on privacy settings below). Here is where the host can share things like the cost of the round you’ll need to pay at the course, or other details to know about playing with the group, for example: does the group play games or typically make wagers on the course? Which tee boxes do they play from?

3) When you’re managing an outing with several groups

There are many scenarios that fit here, but let’s say you have an annual get together with 16 of your friends – you’re all friends already and many of you use TheGrint. You typically book 4 foursomes. You always do net stroke play. Using TheGrint:

    • Create a new group with 16 players
    • Select the course, day of play, and number of tee times
    • Set the group access to “Friends” – that keeps random players from joining
    • Add a leaderboard:
      • Use individual leaderboard if players will compete individually – in this case select medal with net scoring
    • Invite your friends
      • Add other Grinters directly from your friends list in the app – they’ll get a notification
      • Click “share” to text the link to any players that don’t have TheGrint downloaded – once they create an account they’re in!

Easily manage an unlimited number of players. This works for groups of any size. You can even add a leaderboard to the group, so as golfers track their scores during the round, the live leaderboard is accessible on the day of the event.

How to create a Group:

    • Open the 9-dot menu in the app
    • Tap on “Groups”
    • Click “Create Group”
    • Follow the prompts for setup
    • Click “Confirm and Create”

* Description of privacy settings:

    • Public – visible to everyone on thegrint
    • Friends – visible to everyone on your friends list. If “friends’ is selected – it will get shown in the activity feed to just your friends, and also any of your friends with notifications turned on get a Notification. You’ll recognise this as one of the best features of TheGrint!
    • Private – visible to you only, with ability to send an invite link

How to Add a Leaderboard to a Group:

Adding a leaderboard is what makes the group WAY more powerful. Once the group is created:

  • Click on the “Add Leaderboard” button
  • There are 2 types of leaderboard
    • Individual Leaderboard – each player competes individually; game formats include Medal, Stableford, and Skins
    • Teams Leaderboard – set up team sizes and competition, with formats including: Scramble, Best Ball, Added sScores, and Alternate Shot.


How to Join a Group:

If you’ve been invited to a group, you will receive a notification in the app. Open it and tap “Join”. Groups are also shown in the activity feed when one of your friends is looking for players to fill a group.

Otherwise, open the 9 dot menu and tap “Groups”, and use the search functionality to find your group, or a relevant group that you’d like to join.

How to join a leaderboard on the day of play:

On the day of play, there are 2 convenient ways to get started:

  1. Click “Play” then “Play on a Leaderboard” – your group should appear right away, otherwise you can search for it on this screen
  2. Click “Groups” and tap on your group – on the day of competition a button to “Join Leaderboard” will be available on this page

Once you do either of the above, the score tracker will launch and you’re ready to go. All the round settings including the players, teeboxes, games and competition settings are already in place. Now just track your score like normal, and watch the leaderboard update across groups.

Once the round is started, you can add in “cart games” just between the players within the foursome. Just make sure that all players that want to play the cart game are on the same scorecard (use the Linked Scorecards feature).

A 10-10-20 Nassau is one of the most common games played between carts, and TheGrint can handle this game in parallel to the full group game that is already running across multiple scorecards.

Finally, after the round is finished, you will see a post in the activity feed showing the results of the group leaderboard.

Want to get your golf group used to using TheGrint? Just fire up a group and get started! Once everyone sees how easy it is, you’ll never go back.

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