TheGrint Tour – A Golf Tour for Amateurs of all levels

One of the most incredible aspects of TheGrint app is the community that we have built thanks to you. The social aspect of keeping tabs on your friends, sharing photos of your local courses, and even sharing your wisdom through our NOTES functionality, makes it more than just an app you use when golfing. Today, we’ll talk about another special component of our community. A golf tour for amateurs of all levels: TheGrint Tour.

We discussed with Jose De Armas, TheGrint Tour National Director, who shared some frequently asked questions with us:

What is TheGrint Tour? 

– TheGrint Tour was born to satisfy the need for a golf tour for amateurs that can meet the high expectations of the golfing community. Our mission is to develop a community of golfers that takes the game seriously and that is looking to compete but also have fun in an organized setting. When you become part of TheGrint Tour you automatically compete in the Year Long Race for TheGrint Cup (similar to the FedEx cup) while having the chance to play in some of the best courses across the country and internationally as well.

How many cities is TheGrint Tour in? 

– We currently have 18 cities on our calendar and we’re looking to expand it in 2022.

Just in 2021, we have nearly 200 events scheduled, including national events hosted in major golf courses like PGA West, Streamsong, Pinehurst #2, Blue Monster, Bay Hill, and PGA National.

What’s the connection between TheGrint App and TheGrint Tour? 

– All of our events are run leveraging TheGrint Handicaps for Scoring and the Live Leaderboards functionality. It really adds to the excitement and fairness of the competition.

Additionally, if you buy a Tour Membership it comes with a TheGrint app PRO Membership. Similarly, if you are already a PRO member, you save $25 off the tour membership fee and lock in the renewal rate at a $25 discount.

What’s the atmosphere like in TheTour events? 

– We want players to enjoy the game, build friendships and create memories while competing in an elite setting which is why you can feel an air of camaraderie during every event we host.

We strive to give each player a unique experience when playing our events, both on the course and from the moment they sign up.

Many tours exist in the country similar to TheGrint Tour, but this is the first tour that was created with the support of TheGrint. We have 5 flights which ensure that all levels of play can enjoy our events. If you join, you know that you will be competing against players of your skill level, which is an incredible benefit to have.
If you’re looking to make new friends, compete while having fun, and have a unique experience in prestigious golf courses, you should definitely try one of our events.


This was the beautiful setting of last week’s National Major in Pinehurst #2

Interested in playing some competitive but fun golf in the best courses across the country? Join the best community in golf, here.

As always, enjoy your golf!

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  1. Andy Wardrop

    The Villages in Florida have 693 golf holes. More holes than any other place on earth. Some vistas go as far as the eye can see, but no mention.

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